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How'd I stumble into hosting live gigs and weddings?

Apart from my natural ~affinty~ for loving being in front of a crowd, I was repeatedly asked to emcee friends weddings and present in work situations, it was always "oh Britt will do it". And before I knew it I had committed to wedding after the wedding without realising how much work goes into it, and I thought, the bride and groom shouldn't burden a guest with this job on the day!


When I am not MC-ing , I work in digital marketing, working in everything from tech startups to fashion - I love it all!

Entering into this space was the most natural move for me, plus that I love a cheeky boogie and a beverage, so I made it official and have never looked back!


So get in touch, I can't wait to be a part of your event or big day.


xoxo Brittany Deller MC


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