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How Do I MC a Wedding?

Oh how you love to be the centre of attention in your friend group, maybe you're the funny guy or the "charismatic" friend and oh, how that can end up as you in the position as you of "will you be our Master of Ceremonies?"

"YES," You shout, you feel honoured, you feel ecstatic, you feel you have to suddenly put on the show of a lifetime in front of what, 100? 1000 people? Then the reality sinks in and you jump on Dr Google to fix it and ask "How do I emcee a wedding?" and you've stumbled across this exact blog (phew). Because when I had to do it, the thing g

oogle came up with was from a man in 1994's novel telling me to crack' a dad joke *sighs*.

Dad jokes aside, I'm going to tell you my top 5 tips for MC-ing a wedding. (or you could just totally purchase my Ultimate MC Guide *cough*).

1. Be Prepared

"I'll just wing it" Oh you confident thing you, that's great you can speak in public on demand. But you can't wing knowing the third bridesmaid's name and the relation to her can you now? Get your ducks in a row, and write a list of everyone who will be speaking, and all the important people.

2. Don't Get Sloshed

A wedding, how exciting, let's toast! And toast again! And again! Sure sneaky champagne to calm the nerves, and there's nothing more tempting than

an open bar, but the number of horror stories I've heard of MC's getting drunker than the entire bridal party? So many. Make the couple happy, do the great job they have assigned you and have a few drinks once your duties are over.

3. Arrive at the Venue Early

Do you know how to work every sound system on the planet? Congrats you're a DJ, could you play some ABBA? You'll need to arrive at the venue early to introduce yourself to the venue coordinator, make sure you understand when the food is coming out, how the mic operates and if there are any others (a band or DJ) make yourself known.

4. Don't Be the Centre of Attention

It's not your day, your time will come young padawan.

Kill the inside jokes and just be the personable host I know you can be!

5. You're the Master of Ceremonies for a Reason!

Sometimes the wedding needs a little party-starting, really, you're the woo girl (or guy or person). When it's time for the dancefloor to be started - you do just that, sometimes the guest will need a little gentle push to get the party started!

Ultimately, you've got this, and if you're still feeling like you need more guidance, download my Ultimate MC Guide & Toolkit, it's got everything you'll possibly need ;).

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