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So You're Set on Not Hiring an MC? Here's a Few Killer Reasons Why You Might Want Too

Alright, alright - I'm probably biased, but hey, a gal's gotta eat.

When it came to envisioning an MC, I was always that friend or family member that came to mind. As an extroverted person and ultimate party starter as part of my persona, I loved it, but as a guest... I never got to enjoy the wedding, always needing to be super switched on, coordinating the vendors, managing chaotic family members.

Here are some reasons you should hire an MC for your wedding.

You Want Your Night to Run Smoothly.

A professional Master of Ceremonies has perfected their craft of understanding how a wedding operates from knowing that the desserts are being plated whilst the cake is being cut whilst simultaneously getting the DJ to play "Rock DJ" for the couples first dance. It's a definite cross between multitasking, knowing what's going on behind the scenes and foreseeing what's coming up. Your MC can navigate around any hiccups possible because they have the know-how!

You're Big on Creating an Atmosphere.

Oh yes, this is a biiiiiig one. Think about how many weddings you have been to, that you're sitting at the singles table for some reason next to a sixty-year-old divorcee. Or you've been placed next to that couple that is fighting over who gets fish or steak. You're thinking "oh god get me another drink and to the dancefloor".

An MC keeps everything at go-go-go (no sleepers at the tables here), and usually (if they are good at their job) can be witty enough to comment on current events, and make get the crowd more excited without saying "ARE YOU READY TO HAVE A GOOD TIME TONIGHT"

Scenario: I was at a wedding that was getting a little snoozefest, I proposed to the couple to play the "shoe game".

But I wanted to amp up the guests. I got all of the guests to stand up and play along until we had a winner - what was the prize? 2 shots of tequila naturally. It got the crowd so much more excited for the rest of the evening!

You Don't Want to Be Hassled at Your Reception About Canapes.

An MC is pretty clear on one of their roles, and that is to make sure you and your S.O are relaxed and having a fun night. Firstly, it's a great point of contact for your vendors, so the DJ knows when to play the first dance song, or the photographer has a question about the schedule of the evening.

MC's dictate to the guests the evening, and if they are doing their job correctly there shouldn't be too many questions coming from guests. We like to play intercept when you see a bonkers relo going up to the bride and make sure WE answer their questions and direct them to the desserts table.

Me when a guest tries to ask the bride a question about the evening.

You Want Your Guests to Enjoy Their Night.

AKA let them take advantage of the open bar and the d-floor. Unless you don't want them to, then make them MC.

You Don't Want to Worry if Your Mum Will Stay Sober Enough For Her Speech.

Step one when I enter a wedding, lurk the seating chart, find all the important people and introduce myself. Casually slip in what time they are speaking, and that I'll tell them off if they get too drunk before their speech (but not joking). I like to keep an eye on the speakers, give them a 15 min warning bell before their speech, offer some tips to calm the nerves, show them how to speak correctly into the mic and give em' a pat on the back and a glass of bubbles after.

There's a plethora of reason's why I and a lot of other industry members think you should hire an MC. Even ask your friends if they have seen one before at a wedding and what their thoughts are, and even some celebrants will offer the service as well!

Still, set on your uncle or friend MC-ing your wedding? That's cool too - I'll pass on all my knowledge in my ebook here - it'll help guide your Master of Ceremonies on what their duties involve, and make em' take it a little more seriously.

Use "TAKE5" for $5 Buckeroonies off, cause I love ya.

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