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The Ultimate Master of Ceremonies Guide & Toolkit
  • The Ultimate Master of Ceremonies Guide & Toolkit

    MC-ing? I've created the HOLY GRAIL, of guides and resources for you or your Master of Ceremonies to use.

    It doesn't matter if you've never spoken in front of 3, 12 or 100 people. I've compiled all the resources you'll need, that I wish I had when I first got thrown in the deep end at my friend's wedding.What makes me an expert?


    Well, all I wanted when I first got appointed this role, the only resources I could find were from 15 years ago (I don't even think they had Spotify then?) or on bridal blogs, and that was all form the brides perspective.


    But nothing with any real help but to "smile and be funny", when there is so.much.more.


    You've been asked to be MC because you can talk in front of a crowd, and probably are a little bit funny, so I know you'll know exactly what to say - but this guide has got everything else you could possibly need to know and prepare you to be a Master of Ceremonies for a Wedding.


    So I created all all-you-need guide and helpful tips, I hope you get all the guidance you need!

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