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Emcee, MC or Party Starter. Hire an MC (that's me).

Call it what you want, but commanding a wedding is no easy feat, did I say commanding? I meant sweet a humblingly hosting of your wedding. But I'd be lying if I did say I get a slight kick out of keeping everything running to perfection.

I would love nothing more than to MC your Wedding and take the pressure off you, and your guests for the day.

Your next MC

The Ultimate Wedding MC

What I'll Deliver as Your Master of Ceremonies

Professional, confident, with a sprinkle of humour. As your Master of Ceremonies, I'll help bring your perfect day to life. I've got the right practices and experience as an MC to make sure your event is run to perfection.

Keepin' it Seamless

Look, as an MC, it's not my job to be the centre of attention, it's your day! But it is my job to keep your guests engaged, and your wedding party at bay.

As your Emcee, there isn't much I won't do to keep your guests entertained. From traditional to those who want something a bit more unique, I am the Master of Ceremonies you'll want to hire for life (baby showers on request).

Cue the Theatrics (or don't)

You'll need someone who is quick on their feet and can navigate easily when things don't always go to plan. (Plus I'm equipped with a repair kit for any zipper fatalities).

Crisis? Haven't heard of her

Confident and Engaging



Beverage Time

Let's meet over a coffee, Aperol Spritz or a Zoom call. Talk to me about your big day or event, and what you need from your MC. We will have some laughs and make sure I'm the right master of ceremonies for you.

Make it Offical

You've chosen me to host the event of the year? Aww shucks. Now it is time for business, I will run you though everything I will need to know for your big day. From the run sheet and your mother-in-law’s name to the story of how you first met... let’s get personal.

Enjoy Your Day!

I'll be there way before you and your guests, meet with the venue operators, DJ, photographer - you name it. I will ensure everyone knows the schedule and who's who! Then...the magic of your evening begins! Save me a boogie guys!

Do You Travel?

Absolutely I do! If I can fly, jet ski or walk - I'll get there!
Enquire with me to see how I can come to you to MC your Wedding or Event!

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